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Concern: Sun Damage

Research shows that up to 80% of visible ageing is caused by exposure to UV rays emitted by the sun. UV radiation can be broken down into three components: UVA, UVB and UBC. Each component has different wavelengths, the longest being UVA which can penetrate skin, damaging to deeper layers.

Both UVB and UVA cause sunburn, inflammation, skin cancer and DNA damage as well as premature ageing (medically known as photoaging).

The major signs of sun-damaged skin include pigmentation, lines and wrinkles and a change in skin texture. Excessive (and unprotected) sun exposure is also known to cause sunspots and skin cancer, which is why annual skin checks are important.

Especially living in Australia, you need a skincare solution to help reverse the after-effects and prevent further damage from the sun’s harmful rays.




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Every product in the Mx Skincare Sun Damage Solution is scientifically designed to reverse the effects of the sun’s harmful rays and protect the skin, with powerful cosmeceuticals based on quality, potent active ingredients.


The key ingredients in Mx Skincare to combat Sun Damage

Vitamin C is an essential part of any daily routine. This potent antioxidant is proven to defend skin against environmental factors, encourages collagen and elastin production to reduce fine lines, lightens pigmentation and helps to even skin tone. Paired with sunscreen, it also bolsters sun protection in skin.

Niacinamide (a derivative of Vitamin B) will also help to reduce the appearance of sunspots and hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, as well as decreasing fine lines and redness.

Another key ingredient that will help improve the look and feel of sun-damaged skin is CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10), an antioxidant compound naturally produced by the body and responsible for giving cells energy.
As we age, levels of CoQ10 decline so energy production in skin cells also decreases. By applying CoQ10 topically, research proves that we can re-energise skin and fight the signs of sun damage.

All part of the MxSKINCARE Sun Damage Solution.

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This complete Sun Damage Solution contains the following Mx cosmeceutical products:

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