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It’s no secret that our skin needs (and loves) a little oil, especially for a healthy glow. But there is a fine line between delightfully dewy and over-oily.

The difference all comes down to our sebaceous glands. These tiny organs are responsible for producing and secreting sebum (the skin's natural oil) to keep it protected and moisturised. However, sometimes they overdo it, leaving skin excessively shiny and prone to breakouts.

Stress, the wrong skincare and humid conditions can all induce oily skin, but it can also come down to genetics and hormones. Increased oil flow can also make pores appear larger, and prompt makeup to disappear earlier in the day. 

Rebalance oily skin with a skincare solution that restores harmony and a happy, healthy complexion.


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Every product in the Mx Skincare Oily Skin Solution is scientifically designed to rebalance and manage oily skin and restore skin harmony, with powerful cosmeceuticals based on quality, potent, active ingredients.


The key ingredients in Mx Skincare to help balance Oily Skin

Keeping skin clean without using harsh ingredients (making the skin produce more oil) is essential. A cleanser containing ingredients derived from coconut oil, known for its antibacterial qualities, will effectively clean the skin without stripping the barrier function.

Exfoliating with an alpha hydroxy acid-based product will deep clean the pores and regulate sebum production, but avoid using anything too harsh. Lactic acid, part of the AHA family, is ideal as it will help to boost skin's natural moisture levels.

Niacinamide (a Vitamin B3 derivative) is another active ingredient to put on your list, as it is proven to reduce sebum production. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can also help curb breakouts associated with excess oil, and its ability to protect the outermost layer of skin keeps natural moisture in, but nasty environmental elements out.

Because skin can be dehydrated and oily at the same time, cutting out a moisturiser will only send the sebaceous glands into overdrive as they try to make up for the lack of moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a scientifically researched super-strength hydrating ingredient. And when combined with ceramides and resveratrol proven to protect the skin barrier and vitamin E, the skin is supercharged with antioxidants.

All part of the Mx Skincare Oily Skin Solution.




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