Digital ageing is becoming a real skincare concern. Caused by the blue light emitted from the screens of mobile phones and computers (also known as high energy visible light) it is also emitted from the sun, from fluorescent lights and from LED bulbs. But it’s our exposure time and proximity to screens that has coined the term ‘digital ageing’.

Constant screen time in this modern age impairs the skin’s barrier function, and it is known that blue light exposure increases hyperpigmentation, destroys the Vitamin A necessary for skin health, and as well as accelerating free radicals and the oxidation process - a major cause of skin ageing.

Blue light is especially worrying because of its ability to reach deeper levels of skin, damaging the layers where elastin and collagen are formed.
And unfortunately, sunscreen does not protect the skin from blue light rays, as they are formulated to block UVA and UVB wave lengths only.

That's why in today’s digital world, you need a skincare solution to combat the daily effects of blue light exposure to protect, prevent and repair the after-effects.