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Dark circles can simply be a sign of fatigue. Skin becomes pale with sleep deprivation, which means blood vessels beneath the eyes become more pronounced. And for those with a pale complexion, dark circles may be a tell-tale sign of iron deficiency.

The delicate under-eye area is also more sensitive to environmental factors such as UV exposure, making signs of damage (such as pigmentation) more obvious. Dark circles can also come down to genetics as excess pigmentation under the eyes is hereditary, and more common in people with darker skin tones.

Under-eye puffiness is the result of fluid build-up, the cause of which could be allergies, dehydration causing fluid retention, or a diet high in salt. Puffy or swollen eyes are typically worse upon waking, and resolve as gravity helps to drain fluid from the face.

If you are seeing dark circles or puffiness under your eyes, you need a skincare solution scientifically formulated to target the delicate under-eye skin to keep it fit, toned and glowing.


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Mx Skincare’s Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes Solution is a range of premium Cosmeceuticals expertly designed for the delicate skin around the eye area. Each scientifically formulated product works to target specific skin concerns, to stimulate collagen production, facilitates cell repair and improves skin firmness - specifically for the delicate under-eye area.

The powerful peptides and potent active ingredients in this Solution leave the skin feeling smooth, brighter and more hydrated.


The key ingredients to reduce Dark Circles and Puffiness

Many skincare products include ingredients which can be too harsh for the thinner skin around the eye. Using products that have been specifically formulated for use around the eyes can help minimise unwanted lines, puffiness or dark circles while maintaining the integrity of the delicate skin.

Eye creams particularly are designed for skin that is thin and delicate, so they deliver active ingredients in a gentler formulation.

Depending on your skin concern, there are a few key ingredients to look for in an eye cream and skincare solutions for the eye area. Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Resveratrol and Peptides are some of the most common and beneficial.
Vitamin C is great for brightening dark circles. Hyaluronic acid and ceramides help to draw and seal in moisture. Resveratrol and Peptides are particularly effective as they help to stimulate collagen production, facilitate cell repair and improve skin firmness.

These hardworking Cosmeceutical active ingredients are all part of the Mx Skincare Solution for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes.




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