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Clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads are all signs of congested skin. Not always immediately visible, but the tiny bumps caused by blocked pores can be felt just under the skin surface. And it’s this congestion that leads to pimples and blemishes.

Congestion starts in the sebaceous glands, whose job it is to produce and secrete sebum which the body uses to naturally moisturise and protect skin. Sometimes they go into overdrive, producing more sebum than the skin actually needs. This clogs the pores and causes unsightly blemishes. When you add dirt, dead skin cells and makeup residue to the mix, it can also lead to pimples.

Hormone imbalances often prevalent in adolescence, menopause, and after coming off the oral contraceptive pill, can also send sebaceous glands into overdrive, though research has also shown that gut health and diet can have a big part to play, too.

Treat blemishes and reduce congestion with a skincare solution scientifically formulated to help clear the skin and deliver visible results.


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Every product in the Mx Skincare Blemishes & Congestion Solution is scientifically designed to treat blemishes, reduce congestion and get skin in the clear, with powerful cosmeceuticals based on quality, potent active ingredients.


The key ingredients in Mx Skincare to fight Blemishes & Congestion

Keeping skin clean without using harsh ingredients (making the skin produce more oil) is essential. A cleanser containing active ingredients derived from coconut oil, known for its antibacterial qualities, will effectively clean the skin without stripping the barrier function.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as lactic acid are essential in combating skin congestion working to break down dead skin cells and deep clean pores.

Also highly recommended for congested skin, Vitamin A simultaneously slows down sebum production and speeds up cell renewal, which prevents dead skin cells from blocking pores.

Another wise skincare inclusion is Vitamin B3, which helps to regulate sebum production while reducing the redness and inflammation caused by existing blemishes. Vitamin B3, known for its healing qualities, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so can help curb breakouts. And lastly, Resveratrol will work to calm skin and reduce redness and Vitamin E will aid in skin healing. All part of the MxSKINCARE Solution for congested skin and Blemishes.




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