Radiant Skin Unveiled: How Mx Skincare is Unmasking Natural Beauty

Radiant Skin Unveiled: How Mx Skincare is Unmasking Natural Beauty

In a recent episode of the Ageless by Rescue podcast, Mx Skincare founder Allison Pickering shared some insider skincare information that we couldn't help but spread further. In a riveting conversation with host Bahar, Allison shed light on the brand's core principles and how Mx is revolutionising the skincare game.

We're excited to share with you the key insights from this podcast, in hopes of helping you on your own journey towards achieving naturally radiant, makeup-free skin.

The Beginning.

Allison, the founder of Mx Skincare and a former cosmetics professional and makeup artist, strongly believes in the power of good skin. Mx Skincare, known for enhancing natural beauty, customises its science-backed formulas to suit individual skin concerns. The brand's commitment to optimal skin health is reflected in their clean, scientifically formulated ingredients. 

Allison Pickering - Mx Skincare Founder

Drawing from Allison's extensive experience in the cosmetics industry, Mx Skincare meticulously crafts products to tackle common skin problems, including pigmentation, and to support the longevity of aesthetic treatments.

Turning Frustration into Innovation

With its mission rooted in challenging skincare norms, Mx Skincare, under Allison's guidance, focuses on improving industry inefficiencies. Allison's experiences with active ingredients often led to skin irritation, but she found issues extended beyond just ingredients. Skincare packaging raised concerns about hygiene and product preservation, as traditional containers allow repeated contact, as well as contamination from bacteria, air and sunlight, compromising product potency over time.

This led Allison to a revelation: if she couldn't find the skincare she wanted, she would create it herself. Thus, Mx Skincare emerged, fusing the highest quality ingredients with thoughtful packaging, intent on addressing misconceptions and shifting industry standards.

Pathway to Glowing Skin with Mx Skincare

From Cosmetics to Cosmeceuticals

Allison's journey reflects her unwavering commitment to skin health, guided by her deep understanding of active ingredients.

But Allison didn't just want any active ingredients - she wanted the best. Amid the plethora of different actives available, including Vitamin Cs and Vitamin As, she recognised that not all ingredients are created equal. Thus, her focus was on selecting the most effective ingredients that would cause the least irritation to the skin.

She also emphasised the importance of safety and balance when it comes to ingredient concentration. While high concentrations might seem better, they can often have negative effects on the skin. It's this dedication to ingredients that has allowed Mx Skincare to offer solutions that not only bring about transformative results but also prioritise the health and safety of your skin.

Prepping the Canvas

Allison's philosophy, deeply rooted in her background in makeup artistry, places skin health at the forefront. She firmly believes that well-prepared and cared-for skin leads to the most stunning makeup looks. Drawing upon her extensive experience in the cosmetics industry, she stresses the importance of understanding how ingredients work on the skin. 

In her view, makeup should accentuate natural beauty, not mask it. The goal is to maintain clean, exfoliated, and hydrated skin as the perfect canvas for makeup. A neglect of this results in dull, dry skin and makeup that fails to have that desirable, radiant glow.

Natural Beauty Starts With Radiant Skin

Allison offered her perspective on the current makeup trends, particularly focusing on the popularity of the 'clean girl makeup' look. This trend, which gained traction during lockdown times, prioritises natural, healthy, and glowing skin over heavy, mask-like makeup. It's a shift towards feeling confident in one's own skin, rather than hiding under layers of makeup. 

Allison also noted an exciting development: many makeup artists who are creating their own brands are starting to incorporate beneficial skincare ingredients into their makeup. This signifies a merging of skincare and makeup, further reinforcing the importance of a well-maintained and healthy canvas for any beauty routine. 

The Art of Delivery in Skincare

The delivery system of skincare is as vital as the active ingredients, as discussed by Allison and Bahar. The wrong delivery system can compromise the effect of the actives and even lead to skin issues.

Considerations such as the molecular size of active ingredients, which if too large, can fail to penetrate the skin, or the balance of the formula are crucial. Mx Skincare ensures the best delivery system of its formulations thus guaranteeing not only the best results, but also preserving the skin's health.

The Pathway to Glowing Skin

Allison and Mx Skincare are reshaping skincare routines with their approach called the 'Pathway to Glowing Skin'. Recognising that complex, seven-step routines can be time-consuming and deter people from regular skincare, Allison sought to develop a simpler, more approachable routine.

The 'Pathway to Glowing Skin' offers a more efficient skincare approach, using just four daily steps and a weekly one. The routine includes daily cleansing, serum application, moisturisation, and eye cream, with a weekly use of either the Hydration or Exfoliant Masque.

The strategy focuses on smart active ingredient use, such as Vitamins C and B3 serums for morning protection, and Vitamin A at night for skin repair. The routine is designed for effortless integration into daily life, proving to be simple, effective, and swift.

Debunking the High-Percentage Myth: Quantity is Not Quality in Skincare

In their mission to debunk skincare myths and bring forth the truth, Mx Skincare challenges the common misconception around active ingredient percentages. Allison explains that effectiveness is not about higher percentages of actives like Vitamins A and C, but rather the 'correct percentage'. 

Dispelling the belief that more equals better, she warns that excessive concentrations can create irritation on the skin.. Her emphasis is on balanced formulations, underscoring the advice of her formulating chemist that the right percentage is paramount. This busts the prevalent myth that quantity equals quality in skincare active ingredients.

Layering 101: Mastering the Art of Skincare

Incorporating a skincare routine that plays well under makeup is no simple task, but key principles can guide you. Begin with the thinnest formulas, in sequence: gel, lotion, then cream. Each product's full absorption is crucial—after cleansing and applying a serum, engage in another activity to give your skin time to soak it in. This avoids an excess of layers that don't absorb, leading to makeup 'peeling'.

Enhance hydration without layering by adding facial oil drops into your moisturiser. All Mx products are crafted to be lightweight and penetrate efficiently, maximising the impact of their active ingredients.

Inclusivity in Skincare

Allison emphasises the importance of inclusive skincare that transcends gender, ethnicity, and skin type. Stemming from her diverse experiences working on various skin types, Allison aimed to create a range of products suitable for everyone. She highlights that 'skin is skin' and an inclusive product should be the norm, not an exception.

Catering to men's unique skincare needs, particularly those related to shaving, was also central to her product development process. For instance, the Mx Foaming Cleanser, which doubles as an effective shaving lather, contains a moisturising, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial coconut derivative, offering a soothing shave experience. With Mx Skincare, inclusivity is not an afterthought but a foundational principle.

Patience is a Virtue: The Truth About Visible Skincare Results

Bahar and Allison shared insights on the varied timelines of skincare results. Quick improvements are possible, but some concerns, like pigmentation, might need two to three months for visible change.

Allison, close to 55, spoke of her skin's evolution, noting a significant reduction in her pigmentation despite living in sunny Gold Coast. She stressed that conditions like pigmentation might require a consistent  skincare commitment.

Bahar shared her personal battle with melasma, a misunderstood pigmentation issue that worsened with laser treatments. The tide turned when she embraced quality cosmeceutical skincare and anti-inflammatory measures, including dietary adjustments to manage her autoimmune response. This comprehensive strategy effectively resolved her pigmentation issues, enhancing her skin's texture and glow.

Boosting the Life of Injectables

In her conversation with Bahar, Allison highlighted the important synergy between a quality skincare routine and cosmetic injectables, explaining that a carefully curated routine can significantly help extend the lifespan of aesthetic treatments. She emphasised the crucial role of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a primary component of many dermal fillers, present in the Mx Moisturiser and Hydrating Masque.

Additionally, she mentioned the importance of skin-protective antioxidants and collagen-stimulating peptides and vitamin A. The combination, she believes, not only protects skin from environmental pollutants but also enhances the results and longevity of injectables. Bahar wholeheartedly agreed, mentioning the noticeable difference in skin condition between those who maintained their skincare during lockdown and those who didn't.

For anyone investing in aesthetic treatments, Allison advises pairing it with a dedicated at-home skincare routine - a lesson learnt and reinforced during lockdowns.

Unboxing Beauty: Skin Revival and Mx Magic

Allison's philosophy behind Mx Skincare is that using their products should be an act of self-care, enhancing not just the skin, but also the user's experience. It's a sentiment echoed by Bahar, who has a deep appreciation for the Mx Skincare products.

Bahar described the moment of receiving the package as pure delight, due to its chic and beautifully designed packaging, a detail not often seen in cosmeceutical brands. Allison agrees, reiterating her dedication to creating an enjoyable experience for her customers.

Bahar further endorsed the brand by sharing her recent experience of falling ill before the recording. She credited the Mx Serum Vitamin C and Mx Hydration Masque for rejuvenating her skin, making her feel revitalised and bringing her complexion back to life.

Stand Out Products

Vitamin B3: The Unassuming Hero of Skincare

Underrated but truly powerful, Vitamin B3 has earned its status as a 'miracle product' in Allison's eyes. Just a few years ago, Vitamin B3 was barely on the industry radar. Now, its popularity has skyrocketed due to its soothing, hydrating, and protective qualities, making it an essential ingredient in both men and women's skincare.

Allison admits that if she could only choose one product, it would be Mx Serum Vitamin B3, highlighting its remarkable results on different skin types. Whether your skin type produces more sebum or leans towards dryness or rosacea, Vitamin B3 proves to be the most democratic product, catering to all. It's not only impressive for pigmentation but also acts as a potent antioxidant, crucial for daily protection against environmental pollutants and the damaging blue light from screens.

Dual-Action Exfoliation

In the Mx skincare range, the Exfoliant is a standout product with its dual-action feature. This lactic acid mask equipped with AHA, not only serves as an effective exfoliant but also plumps the skin. Allison emphasises that the power of lactic acid lies in its ability to effectively dissolve dead skin cells and debris, while simultaneously attracting moisture. This results in a deeply cleansed yet well-hydrated, healthy glowing complexion.

The product has been specifically formulated with a low (yet effective) concentration of lactic acid, making it a safe choice for all skin types. From mature skins dealing with pigmentation issues to the sensitive skin of a 15-year-old, this exfoliant mask can be used without causing irritation or damaging the skin barrier. It indeed personifies the ethos of the Mx skincare line - delivering glowing results while prioritising skin health.

Beauty in Balance: the Cosmeceutical Commitment

The enlightening conversation with Allison and Bahar not only highlighted the transformative power of skincare but also underscored the value of understanding the science behind it. Allison's journey, from makeup artist to the founder of Mx Skincare, and Bahar's personal skin struggles offer compelling stories of transformation, underscoring the potential of quality cosmeceutical skincare.

With the right products, ingredients, and dedication, beautiful, healthy skin is within everyone's reach. Remember, skincare isn't a quick fix but a commitment that, over time, yields visible and lasting results.