Once a week Self care... With the demands of life, taking a little time each week to relax and treat skin can become a beautiful ritual. Run a warm bath, light a scented candle, put on your favourite music and indulge in a luxurious Mx Skincare pamper.

STEP 1 - Cleanse

Cleanse face, neck and décolletage with the Mx Cosmeceutical Foaming Cleanser + to remove all impurities and prepare skin.

STEP 2 - Exfoliate

To a clean face, neck and decolletage, apply a thin layer of the clear gel Mx Cosmeceutical Exfoliate +  (avoiding the delicate eye area). Leave on the skin for 10 minutes before removing with a warm face cloth.

STEP 3 - Hydrating Masque

Apply a thin layer of the clear gel  Mx Cosmeceutical Hydrating Masque + to face, neck and décolletage. Relax and rejuvenate for 20 minutes (or longer if you desire!) before removing with a warm face cloth.

STEP 4 - Serum

Apply an Mx Cosmeceutical Serum to face, neck and decollage. Depending on usual routine and time of day, apply Mx Cosmeceutical Serum Vitamin A + , if evening and going to bed, or if its during the day... apply Mx Cosmeceutical Serum Vitamin B3 + and/or Mx Cosmeceutical Serum Vitamin C + . 

STEP 5 - Moisturise

Seal in the goodness with the Mx Cosmeceutical Moisture + and/or the Mx Cosmeceutical Facial Oil +

Top Tip! Add one to two drops of Mx Cosmeceutical Facial Oil+ to Mx Cosmeceutical Moisture + and apply. 

STEP 6 - Eye Cream

Protect, repair and replenish the delicate eye area with the Mx Cosmeceutical Eye Cream +