At first glance, you might think that Mx Skincare was named after a scientific formula, or an entry on the periodic table of elements. After all, it’s skincare born of the latest scientific research, so that seems logical.

In fact, its name has little to do with science and everything to do with the many different people who are destined to adore these products.

Mx Skincare is all about luxury cosmeceutical skincare, but it’s also about inclusivity. That’s why the products are designed to perform for everyone – all skin types, ages, genders and ethnicities. After all, everyone deserves great skin.

So what to call a game-changing skincare line that obliterates the gender divide to deliver glowing, healthy skin for all?

For Her. For Him. For Them.

Enter Mx – the gender-neutral title used by those who either don’t identify as male or female, or prefer not to specify their gender. For these people, Mx (mostly pronounced mix) is used as others use Mr, Mrs or Ms.

The Mx honorific – along with the gender-neutral singular they and them – has grown in use as a way to show respect and promote inclusion for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, plus LGBTQIA+ community.

As names go, the gender-neutral Mx was a symbolic and meaningful choice for a skincare range that loves all skin.

Solutions for all skin

The name Mx Skincare remains central to owner Allison Pickering’s mission to transform all skin for the better, without reference to gender, ethnicity or age.

All complexions receive equal billing in the world of Mx Skincare, with products carefully formulated to support, improve and enhance all skin, including sensitive skin types.

While all products are suitable for all skin types, what differs is how they are used and in which combinations. Your product choices and daily skincare regime will depend on the individual skin concerns you want to address.

Mx Skincare, made for everyone.