Say hello to Allison Pickering, the driving force behind Mx Skincare. Launching the luxury cosmeceutical range was a dream come true for this Australian skincare expert, who is often moved to tears by skin transformation stories from happy Mx customers. She sat down to talk about journeys, staying fit and the secret to great skin.

When did your fascination with skincare begin?

As a girl I would watch my mum at her dressing table at our home in country New South Wales, putting on her night creams, and her makeup in the morning. She was a skincare and makeup lover – still is – and she instilled in me the importance of protecting the skin’s moisture barrier, particularly in the harsh Australian climate. My grandmother was an inspiration too – she made her own soaps and face creams at her kitchen table. She lived into her eighties, and still had the most beautiful skin.

So you were destined for a career in cosmetics?

It was always a passion of mine. I worked in sales and training for several premium cosmetics brands and also as a professional makeup artist, all of which introduced me to many different skin types. Those experiences equipped me with the hands-on skin knowledge that ultimately shaped the development of Mx Skincare.

Why did you create Mx Skincare?

These products were created because the market couldn’t deliver the results I was looking for. By that I mean I couldn’t find the right active ingredients in the right combination in the right delivery system – minus the nasty chemicals. The luxury aspect was missing too. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I created it. That’s how Mx Skincare was born.

In a few words, tell us what Mx Skincare is all about ...

Mx Skincare is all about transforming skin for the better, and embracing the confidence that comes with that. If your skin looks good, you feel good. It’s that simple. Mx products harness the power of the purest active ingredients to produce results you can actually see. Our customers love it because it works. You will see an improvement after just one application – skin looks and feels immediately plumped and hydrated, it really glows with health.

Tell us about your own Mx Skincare regime ...

First thing in the morning, I cleanse with the Mx Cosmeceutical Foaming Cleanser+, and once or twice a week, I’ll follow with the Mx Cosmeceutical Exfoliate+ to clear away dead skin cells and boost circulation to keep skin looking fresh. The Cosmeceutical Exfoliate+ works like a masque and I leave it on for 20 minutes or so while I am doing chores around the house. Next, I apply the Mx Cosmeceutical Serum Vitamin B3+, which is very healing and plumping, and let it absorb while I brush my teeth. I follow with Mx Cosmeceutical Serum Vitamin C+ – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works like a suit of armour to protect skin from UV damage. My next step is Mx Cosmeceutical Moisture+, a moisturiser that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate. If I am looking for an added glow or more hydration, I add two drops of the Mx Cosmeceutical Facial Oil+ to the Mx Cosmeceutical Moisture+ before massaging it in. Last is the Mx Cosmeceutical Eye Cream+ – amazing for puffy eyes and dark circles.

At night, I double cleanse because I have normally been wearing makeup or a tinted SPF all day, then I reach for the Mx Cosmeceutical Serum Vitamin A+, so it can go to work on lines and pigmentation while I am sleeping. I seal in all that goodness with the Cosmeceutical Moisture+ and Cosmeceutical Eye Cream+.

Once a week, or before a special occasion, I use the Mx Cosmeceutical Hydrating Masque+, which is packed with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B3 to plump, hydrate and get skin glowing. 

What’s the worst skincare crime of all?

Not cleansing before bed. It’s just so bad for skin, as night time is when our skin rejuvenates and it cannot do that if pores are clogged with a day’s worth of pollution, toxins, SPF and makeup. Cleansing is the cornerstone of good skincare. 

How do you feel about aging?

I am all for it. To me, it’s about living to an amazing age and, at the same time, keeping skin at its best. Expression ‘life’ lines are fine; they are part of our journey. As long as I can have hydrated, healthy, glowing skin, I will be happy. With the right skincare, I can achieve that. We all can.

When you are not working across all areas of the Mx Skincare business, where would we find you?

At home on the Gold Coast, Queensland, with my family. Going on a date night with my husband, Maurie, walking on the beach, practising yoga. I love to cook and Sunday lunches are a family tradition I love, with my parents, and all our children.

How do you keep fit?

Yoga and Hypoxi, a machine-based workout that works on fat burning, lymphatic drainage and drawing toxins out of the skin. I love that it’s 30 minutes of pedalling, it’s not really hard work, and I can catch up on emails while I’m working out.

Your favourite travel destination?

Italy. Maurie and I married on the Amalfi Coast in a villa on the edge of a cliff in a little town called Maiori. It’s a region famous for lemons – and limoncello. We loved it so much we named our home ‘La Limonaia’ after the villa we married in, and we return to Italy whenever we can.

The motto you live by?

Live life to the fullest. Every day.